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I wish to aknowledge the picture of the Horseboy taken by hollywoodgo.com from the movie “The Horse Boy” relesed on September 30th 2009. This movie has inspired me on my journey in seeking answers for my son who has autism.

Thank you for making this wonderful movie. Una



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  • Lily: Una, I’m adding a comment to all BBC members blogs to say that our June book is ‘The Children’s Book’ by A.S. Byatt to post on the first Sunda
  • justuna: You are right, in a sense it was such an arduous journey which offered rich experience for the child and the family. He and his parents were pushed to
  • justuna: Thank you, I loved your post on food for book clubs and I did the roasted nuts when I hosted the club - they were a big hit as you promised. I loved